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Expect to be empowered when doing business with Dynpro. Well-trained real estate professionals will assist you with information regarding residential or commercial properties, striving to ensure that you have a positive experience. "We want to delight you, our client, by surpassing your expectations with our fresh approach to empower you."

Dynpro specialises in selling commercial and residential properties, new developments, farms, and businesses in and around Bloemfontein. Dynpro’s agents are available at all times and their prompt response leads to an increased level of trust and respect.

"Thanks to our passion for people we develop sincere relationships with our clients. We listen to your needs, give advice and empower you with the knowledge to help you make the best decision without being pressured."

Dynpro-welcomeDynpro is a member of the Multiple Listing System (MLS Bloemfontein) whereby the client’s property is listed and then opened up to other MLS members, who can also market and sell it. This guarantees good market exposure, providing the client with a better chance of a quick sale.

Those interested in buying also benefit from this MLS membership as Dynpro may search and retrieve information about all listed properties for sale and not limit the buyer’s options to a small subset of local property data.
Even after the transaction, Dynpro follows up with clients to ensure all expectations have been met and exceeded as this is an essential aspect of the service Dynpro strives to render.

Meet our amazing team

Dynpro consists of Experienced and Professional Real Estate Agents. The Team is made up of Georgios Stergos, Theodora Grivas and Niko Stergos who are Full Status Agents and Lyneze Stergos, Peter Grivas and Marlize Potgieter who are currently Intern Agents. The company is based in Bloemfontein in the Free State.




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It is Dynpro's mission to follow a creative and innovative approach to empower clients by providing a personalised, top quality service for a positive real estate experience. Talented and skilled professionals who ensure that the integrity of all transactions is of a high standard will direct and lead Dynpro.

Dynpro's vision is to be the most successful real estate agency in Bloemfontein - not just financially, but in terms of contributing to people's well-being. “We want to be responsive to and surpass all clients' expectations.”

“Our integrity, which is a result of our honesty, fairness, and authenticity, combined with our intent to care, and be open and transparent in all our business dealings, result in the trust our loyal clients have in Dynpro’s character. The capability and experience of our agents further contribute to our reputation for being competent. These values, our excellent service delivery and friendly and effective communication, are all building blocks that help us achieve Dynpro's mission and vision.”

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Nick Stergos

After matriculating at Grey College in 1991, Nikolas (Nick) Stergos, today a well-known businessman and entrepreneur from Bloemfontein, obtained his Sales & Marketing and Financial Management Diploma through Unisa whilst working with his parents in Bloemfontein. 

In 1998 he ventured on his own and opened the first Panarottis Pizza Pasta Franchise in the Free State. Since then he moved from one successful venture to the next. Nick obtained his Hotel Industry Training Board qualifications through Panarottis at the time. His second Panarottis Restaurant in Bloemfontein followed in 2000. 

In 2003 he shifted his energy and motivation towards the very successful Aroma Bistro Cafe & Delicatessen, which thrived with three stores. He has successfully managed 19 coffee shops and restaurant franchises, as far as Potch, including the first three Wiesenhof Coffee Shops in Bloemfontein. It has been said that “whatever he touches, turns to gold”. 

In 2010 he decided to take a break from the entertainment industry and joined his brother, Georgios, in the real estate industry with the purpose of applying his business experience to establish the commercial and business brokerage part of Dynpro. Today Nick is a full status broker who completed his NQF4 qualification and obtained the EAAB’s qualification of Practitioner in Real Estate in 2013.

When he was younger, he worked extremely hard (and smart) to achieve success. His dedication is now paying off with success virtually following him around, affording him the opportunity to spend precious time with his family. He attributes his success to the fact that he follows his passion. Over the years people got to know Nick and trust to buy from him. He regards the trust he has earned as his biggest asset in business, which not only leads to referrals by clients but also to repeat business. 

Nick is someone who thrives on the adrenalin of a challenge. He is motivated and excited by his many ideas and is ready to grab the great opportunities the future holds. At Dynpro, he sees a massive gap for and intends to focus on asset financing and business bridging capital.

Nick says the most rewarding aspect of his job is “when my client achieves as well”. This reflects in his involvement with charities, with the attitude “when you give, you will receive” – you cannot just take.


Georgios Stergos

Georgios’ success mainly comes from his talent to understand his clients, his skill to develop real relationships and listen to concerns and desires, and his ability to empower clients to make informed decisions.

He matriculated at Grey College, Bloemfontein, in 1994, whereafter he completed his diploma in Hotel Management at the Central University of Technology, Free State. After obtaining a degree in Hospitality Management, he gained valuable experience at Jan Smuts Holiday Inn International and The Palace of the Lost City at Sun City.

Georgios returned to Bloemfontein in 1998 where he became involved in the management of a family business, Panarottis, until 2004. It was at this stage that he discovered his niche to understand the product and service sold in the real estate industry. He bought Dynpro in 2006 and achieved the Estate Agency Affairs Board’s relevant qualification, the Master Practitioner in Real Estate (MPRE), in 2013. Thanks to his passion for people, he maintains a healthy balance between work and play by socialising with friends and family. He adds that one needs to be disciplined to manage your time effectively.

Georgios regards happy customers as the most rewarding aspect of his job, especially if they are first-time homebuyers whom he helps step by step through this daunting process. “Creating and fostering relationships is after all the basis of conducting successful business these days.”


Peter Grivas

Peter Grivas matriculated at the Saheti School in Johannesburg. He came to Bloemfontein at the age of 25 and was involved in the restaurant industry for more than a decade. It is especially during this time that he built a vast network of business connections in Bloemfontein.

He started as an intern at Dynpro in February 2013 and obtained the Estate Agency Affairs Board’s NQF4.

Peter specialises in commercial and business sales, as well as the letting of commercial property in Bloemfontein. He regards steadfast principles as extremely important in this industry and highly values the EAAB’s code of ethics and conduct. He is of the opinion that his years of valuable business experience as a restaurant owner, combined with his three years’ experience of maintenance and letting management, has prepared him for his position at Dynpro.

Peter further obtained experience in the setting up of new stores and just one of his responsibilities, for example, was the CTFM project at Northridge Mall in Bloemfontein. Being an extremely meticulous person, he has an eye for detail and he developed a cost report according to which damage done to leased buildings is calculated. Peter has the ability to recognise a property’s potential and to assist with renovations to realise the maximum monetary value, even in a difficult market.

Peter balances hard work with a healthy, active lifestyle, whether it is cycling, playing football, doing karate, staying fit at the gym or spending quality time with his family. He has completed ten Argus Cycling Races, as well as Cansa’s Pink Drive Cycling Challenge.

The well-being of others is what motivates Peter personally to give back to the community.

Peter Grivas regards the most rewarding aspect in his line of work being able to improve people’s lives – when clients are successful in a business acquired with the help of Dynpro.


Niko ProfileNick Stergos
Commercial Properties and Businesses

After matriculating at Grey College in 1991, Nikolas (Nick) Stergos, today a well-known businessman and entrepreneur from Bloemfontein, obtained his Sales & Marketing and Financial Management Diploma through Unisa whilst working with his parents in Bloemfontein. 

Agent Details:
Contact Number: 082 800 4598
Email: Nick@dynpro.co.za


Georgios Stergos
Residential Properties and Development

Georgios’ success mainly comes from his talent to understand his clients, his skill to develop real relationships and listen to concerns and desires, and his ability to empower clients to make informed decisions.

Agent Details:
Contact Number: 082 415 9491
Email: Georgios@dynpro.co.za


Peter Grivas
Commercial Properties and Businesses

Peter Grivas matriculated at the Saheti School in Johannesburg. He came to Bloemfontein at the age of 25 and was involved in the restaurant industry for more than a decade. It is especially during this time that he built a vast network of business connections in Bloemfontein.

Agent Details:
Contact Number: 082 779 9053
Email: Peter@dynpro.co.za


Charles Maduna, a happy client of Dynpro Properties

Hi Georgios, just a thought and observation that I think I should share with you…!

The outcomes our meeting today was once again a reconfirmation to me of the level of professionalism in which you and your brother conduct your business. I am really impressed especially by the extent in which you guys take the interest of the potential buyers (you clients) at heart, which I have over the many years learnt to realise that it is not a norm in your industry.

Most of the agents I know and have worked with, have an extreme amount of self-serving attitude, and as a result are dishonest and taking advantage of the vulnerability of their clients and exploit every opportunity available for them to get their clients to commit into transactions that not necessarily in the best interest of the client, but they do it anyway with only one objective in mind – get the deal done as soon as possible so that they can in the end walk away with commission as soon as possible – undeservedly earned.

With you my experience has always been different ever since I’ve known and dealt with you. No wonder why you such an accomplished man and successful in your business. I’m not saying this to buy your face, but just an honest truth that I thought I must share with you whilst I can.

May you continue to uphold your integrity for it is what makes the person you are! Keep well and may God continue to bless you more and more!
I’m immensely inspired…!

Kind Regards,
Charles Maduna
Serial Entrepreneur and Property Investor


Mayula Bloemfontein Property Portfolio

We are writing this letter to thank you for your outstanding work you put in assisting Mayula acquire our first four properties. Your commercial property and investment expertise; industry relationships and attention to detail were tremendously valuable in building our portfolio.

You were introduced to us at a very busy and critical time. However, you were able to quickly understand the objectives and priorities and make positive, quality contributions to from a finance, legislative, and property management perspective. The quality of your work and your attitude of going above and beyond what was required of you was recognised and appreciated by our entire team, service providers, the tenants, and technical staff alike.

Again, we would like to express my sincere thanks for your contributions to our successful acquisitions. We look forward to the opportunity to work together again in the near future.


I, the undersigned, Eugene Gouws, is a director of Hill McHardy & Herbst Attorneys, Bloemfontein and practicing Conveyancing attorney.

Dynpro property, Bloemfontein, its principal and agents are known to me personally and I have been handling commercial and residential sales and transfers on behalf of their clients for the last 7 years.

Dynpro property are highly motivated and goal oriented property professionals who always display a positive attitude and deliver hard work for their clients. They have good knowledge of the real estate market, the transfer and registration process, proof honesty and integrity, and have strong communication and negotiation skills.

My experience during the transfer process has been that Dynpro are offering customer service and support to the clients, following up with their clients and conveyancers to assist with any requirements in the transfer process.

Eugene Gouws

Director / Direkteur


Motabo Charles Maduna

QUALIFICATIONS: N Dip. Municipal Administration (Finance), B Tech. Public Management (Finance), Bachelor of Accounting (partial), Cert. International Financial Reporting Standards

Charles Maduna started his professional career as an Accounting Clerk with the then The City of Bloemfontein (now Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality) in May 1997 and progressed to become a Junior Accountant 1999 and an Accountant in 2004.

Being an entrepreneur at heart & in soul – Whilst working for the City Council, Charles and one of his then colleagues formed a partnership in April 1998 and started servicing clients in Accounting and Tax related matters, until he finally made a decisions in March 2005 to completely quit his full time job with the municipality to go and focus full time on the partnership business, which he made success of until October 2008, when he decided to go solo. He is currently also registered as a Professional Tax Practitioner with SARS and affiliates to the South African Institute of Tax Professionals.

Gradually, Charles become a serial entrepreneur and became successful in almost all business ventures that he has established and some won awards in recognition of their service excellence in their respective industries. Charles is also real estate investor of note. He has consistently and gradually in different types and classes of properties, including guesthouses, townhouses, free standing houses, flats and apartments and owns investment property in at least 5 of the 9 Provinces of South Africa, and still counting.

Because of his love and passion for real estate, in May 2017, he decided to venture into a journey to acquire formal qualification as a Real Estate Agent and was gracefully offered an opportunity to do his Internship by Dynpro Properties (Pty) Ltd and whilst serving his internship, his objective is not only to focus on learning, but also in making a significant contribution towards Dynpro Properties and make sure that the band grows and gets recognised nationally.



Lyneze Stergos

Lyneze matriculated at Sentraal High School and continued her tertiary studies at the University of the Free State and obtained her Baccalaureus Degree in Money and Banking.

While studying she started as Teller at Standard Bank, then became a Studen Loan Consultant at The Free State Student Centre and became Team Leader at the same branch. She then moved to Preller Square Service Centre as Sales Consultant. She continued her servuces for 12 years and did her Regulatory Exam through Standard Bank.

In April 2017 her time at the bank drew to an end where she is venturing into the real estate field and joined Dynpro Properties.



Mandy Geralys

Mandy was born in Kimberley and completed her schooling in 1993 at Floors Secondary school. She then went on to study medicine at The University of the Free State in 1994 and obtained her MB ChB Degree by end of 1999.

She has vast experience in medicine from interning at Kimberley Hospital complex to community service in Kuruman. She returned to Bloemfontein in 2002 and practiced as a GP at National Hospital until 2005. She then went on to fulfill the role of Senior Medical Officer at the Anti-Retroviral Clinic at Pelanomi Hospital. She then made her way across the waters to Cyprus where she worked as a GP in a private hospital. She put her medical career aside in 2009 to take care of her 4 year old daughter and came back to South Africa in 2014.

Mandy decided to enter the property market as she has a love for architecture and finding the perfect home for potential clients. Coming from a strong medical background she can deal with stressful situations and can display empathy with her clients and people that she encounters. She is also very focused on people’s needs and will try to accommodate them as much as possible.

When you work with Mandy you can expect someone that pays attention to detail. She is hard working and believes in an honest and ethical approach when conducting business. She is aware that the property market is ever changing and she is more than capable to adapt and to ensure that her clients receive guidance and advice where needed.



Rene Gouws

Rene completed her matric through high school Cradock. She went on to study MWA at UOFS and has a teaching background. People is great passion for Rene and her ability to connect on an emotional level will ensure that you as the client will feel that your needs are being met through the process of buying or selling your home.

She knows what makes people tick and her love for property makes this a great combination. She believes that honesty and integrity go hand in hand with business and aim to give you the client an experience that will leave you feeling happy and content once the transaction is complete.
She believes that trust between herself and clients are the most important thing when looking to find a home or to sell your current home.

For any property enquiries please contact Rene Gouws @ (082) 383-5634



Theodora Grivas

Theodora Grivas was born and bred in Bloemfontein. She is an old Eunice Girl. At school, she performed professionally for Pacofs in musical theatre and was touring the country. She won an Art award in her Matric year as the top artist. She went to Wits Hotel school.

She got involved in sales from a very young age working in her father’s supermarkets and wholesale as a teenager. Property has always been in her blood. Working as an MTN sales rep for three years she broke records in the pay as you go market in the late 90’s getting a pay as you go into every business in Bloemfontein and Northern Cape, putting MTN Bloemfontein top of the log. She went on to winning rep of the year for 3 years for the MTN Franchise. She went on to doing Financial advising for Liberty Life in her 2nd year sold the second most retirement annuities in the country. Her Liberty franchise even went on to win Chairmans challenge 2 years in a row because of her efforts. After 5 years with Liberty and working for Accuts Properties part time for 3 years she won Agent of the year there. She had to help her husband in his business after he ended up in ICU due to a motorbike accident and could not function properly for more than a year. With her Hotel school experience, she was running Beethoven’s coffee cafe for many years with her husband. Coffee and good food was their passion. This also ignited her passion for Art and music and started the whole live entertainment scene there performing with the Afrikaans Idol Dewald Louw, English Idol Kesha Charlton Perkins, Thabo Pitso, Jacobus Silver and Mario Lategan. She performed with Philip Kotze and had done many charity events to raise money. On the art side, she had many art exhibitions where her paintings had sold out.

Her passion for the property industry came back in early 2011 when she started working again in the Real Estate. She managed to win agent of the year for 7yrs in a row at her agency.

Her love for giving back is still there as she is busy painting the Pelonomi Hospital’s children’s ward. She is a very hard working gifted person with the intention of providing a service to give back.




Marlize Potgieter

Marlize matriculated at Jim Fouche High School and continued her tertiary education at the University of the Free State in Industrial Psychology.

2007 was the year she became a 50% shareholder of UTD HR Consulting. This organisation focuses on organisational skills development facilitation. Taking on the role of senior consultant Marlize specialised in Organisational Structuring& Design, Job analysis, Profiling and Job descriptions. She has been consulting for over 19 years to various institutions. Using recognised evaluation systems, she can develop job competency profiles to assist these corporations. Her experience also includes the design and implementation of microstructures, staff establishments and control systems. She is proficient in organisational design software, such as OrgPlus and Visio.

She obtained her NQF 5 Accredited Assessor certification in 2012 which equips her to develop training materials aligned to prescribed unit standard formats.

Marlize was crowned as Mrs. Bloemfontein in 2017.

She is set to compete for the title of Mrs. United International 2019 in June 2019. In her year of reign, she worked closely with several charity organisations and provided support where possible. 


“You can be the change in the world” Marlize Potgieter.

In April 2019 she decided to join the dynamic Dynpro Properties to broaden her horizons.